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Listener and now client

After listening for 6 months, I made the decision to go with Grow Your Show from the start of my podcast. It now rates in the top 1.5% of podcasts worldwide thanks to Adam and his team. There is so much value in all of the episodes. Start from the beginning! Adam only works in afterburner! Full throttle, great content!!!

Michael buys houses

Adam is always pushing the envelope to make everyone around him better.

Love the actionable strategies

Great podcast with tried and true growth strategies! Keep up the great work, Adam!

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Absolute value added

Adam’s show is such a treasure of resources for someone, like me, who is new to podcasting. If yo are a newbie, like me, I encourage you to listen to his first episodes as they provide insights, lessons, and value beyond many paid courses. Thank you, Adam, for sharing so much of your knowledge and experience.

Thanks for having me on the show

Sometimes the show is a little more serious than the podcast circles I frequent. But it’s good to know all types of podcast styles. This show is mainly focused on using a podcast a revenue stream. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we don’t all have to make money podcasting. I enjoy podcasting because it’s what I enjoy doing. If you’re podcasting for money and only money, you might be a bit frustrated. I put fun at the center of each show I create, thus I never have to worry about money. Enjoy the show and keep on Podcasting!

Adam brings it all and more on this podcast!

If you are looking for a podcast on podcasting this is seriously the podcast. I have learnt so much from listening. Shout out to Julie Holly for tell me about it and I loved your coaching episodes- so much gems - you guys truly make an awesome series!

From a (beginner) story podcaster

Though it is a little (okay a lot) different from the typical podcast, I’ve been able to launch my podcast. So much good info.

Ep193 - Trojan Horse

Adam, so many gems were dropped in episode 193 with Anna. I’ve been binge watching your podcast and I love it. The only thing I know about the Trojan horse story is condoms 😂 so I had to stop listening & leave a review. I also love the episode about the guy named UGH. You really are good at what you do, thanks!

BOLD podcast for BOLDER Podcasters

We can’t say enough poignant things about our interview with Adam. He’s BOLD, certain, and at the same time, absolutely in tune with the way podcasting SHOULD be done. It all starts with the story, and culminates with COMMITMENT. You can immediately see the passion he has for giving his audience information and advice that can lead to a more fulfilled business and life.

So binge-worthy

So thankful for all the amazing strategies that Adam and his guests share to help us grow our own podcasts. It’s so binge-worthy as everything you ask yourself as a host is covered! Kim & Angie @ThePodwizeGroup

Do what you love

Adam is constantly dropping knowledge on how raise your podcasting game, which is critical when you are aiming to get your message out to more listeners. Thank You!

Amazing Value

Adam delivers amazing value from the beginning of his show straight to the end.

Mic Drop Conversation with Dave Jackson

We should be paying to listen to the conversation with Dave Jackson! So many practical easy to implement strategies for podcasters at every stage.

Such a solid podcast!

Tons of great content in the podcast. If you stumbled across this podcast, start from the beginning. So many gems with each episode!

Just what I needed

I have had an idea for a business based around a podcast for a long time. I’ve learned so much over the last two weeks of listening to this podcast that I’ve started the process for myself. My recording space is already set up and my equipment came in yesterday. We’ve got a few guest lined up, website done, hosting figured out, will start recording our trailer this week, and will be starting marketing soon. Thank you for providing so much great information.

What a find!

Adam is doing tremendous things, and this podcast is where he tells us about them. Anyone trying to expand their business will find this to be quite beneficial. Real-world, hands-on assistance from the industry's top experts. It's no surprise that this podcast has taken off....

Adam is someone I could listen to all day! 👏👏

This podcast is fantastic. As a podcaster, I appreciate Adam's straightforward approach to the medium. He is passionate about educating others how to start a business, build a brand, and influence others. I appreciate how it allows me to communicate my message to the rest of the world. Thank you, Adam. 😄

A Great Inspiration <3

This show is great for learning tips and tricks that would otherwise take years to learn. If you want to start your own podcast, I highly recommend listening to this. 👌

The most motivating podcast! 💯💝💖

I am a podcaster, and I enjoy this podcast because it provides me with the best tips and tricks for my podcast. It inspires me to work harder and achieve greater success in my career.

Wish I had met him first!

I wish I had found this podcast before I started one, there is so much there! It would have saved me so many headaches! Adam's insights are extremely helpful even at aways into my journey as a podcaster! So much great info and so easy to listen to!

Very helpful

This podcast is fantastic. It's clever and full of fantastic ideas. Listing energized me and provided me with new tools and skills that I can apply on my own show. Keep up the excellent work Triple A! 👌👌👌

The MAYOR of Podcast Town

Adam is a great host and great at brining value add info to his audience.

True value!

The value that Adam provides is UNMATCHED!! I appreciate the willingness to share the tips and tricks that make a podcast go. Thank you!

Truly value add!

Adam is such an amazing host and always provides so much value to the listeners. He’s very genuine in his approach and you are sure to learn a tremendous amount! Highly recommended!!!

Great show for new podcasters!

I am new to the world of podcasting and have been enjoying listening to Adam. There have been great resources shared, awesome takeaways and lovely guests! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so easy to listen to. ☺️ Links in the show notes are always helpful, too!

High energy and great content!!!!

This is great. Love Adam’s energy and vibes! This is highly recommended!

Helped me LEVEL UP as a podcaster!

Awesome content that is both motivating and useful. I strongly recommend this show to those of you, who are thinking of starting their own podcast. Great job, Triple a!

Adam rules!!

Been working on a podcast with my close friends for a few years now(The Horror Junkies Podcast.) Its always been a good time but it is easy to get burnt out from time to time. Since finding your podcast you have inspired me to grow our show as much as possible. You have made podcasting fun again and have i set a bunch of goals that i am excited to work towards! Keep doing what you do! POP! POP! POP!

Highly Informative and Easy to Listen To

So glad that I stumbled across this podcast. I’m honestly learning A TON in every episode. Adam is an awesome host that always provides value for the listener. The way that he takes notes and provides summaries for every guest is super helpful. Keep up the great work. Edit: Looking to start my own show